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昔日照片                 >聯絡我們<


































Dear Classmate :  

     this is too bad I could not join the activity last Saturday. i bet most of you must have fun esp. in the game of 'guessing who's who'. for those if there is any there who wants to find out what has happened to me all these years, this is the update.
English name now : Kelvin
address  : never left H.K..
occupation : financial services industry
marital status : married since 1996
children :  none yet
activities and hobbies :  too tired normally during the week to do anything. try to do as much exercise as possible during weekends. also i take care of my dog and three parrots also i attach a recent photo of me here. and lastly, three cheers to you Yvette for organizing the gathering.


Woo Kam-For

----------  End  ----------